About Us



Everybody's somebody's weirdo. That's something I told Nuch early on in our relationship and we still feel it's relevant and profound for us. We are very strange. We make up our own words and odd sayings and can communicate using only them. I can always find a way to make Nuch smile and she always finds ways to tickle me. We are the only people who could both tolerate and appreciate our respective idiosyncrasies.

After meeting through mutual friends in 2006, it wasn't until 2007 that a romance sparked. Five years later we became engaged while on a trip to Thailand and less than one year later we married. Life has become more quiet since our marriage and we're trying to discover who we want to be together. While we both hold down 9-5 day jobs, our passions lie elsewhere.

We love the outdoors. Be it hiking, camping, climbing, exploring and going on long impromptu drives and getting lost along the way, we're up for it. Eating great food is also one of our favorite past times as well. We love to travel, both domestically and abroad and natural history, and modern art museums are must sees when visiting new cities. 

We also love photography! Our individual personalities manifest themselves in our styles, which works in our favor. There's something charming in those fleeting moments where beauty exists and disappears forever. Or finding magic in the mundane or ordinary. That's what we want to capture.      






L.A. and Orange county


Daniel & Nuchlynn Werre